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Enrico Costanzo is an innovation manager, intrapreneur, and scientist.

His expertise ranges from innovation management to evaluating startups and designing R&D and Open Innovation strategies.

Properly managing internal R&D, promoting partnerships with startups and research centers, evaluating VC investments, all are key enablers of innovation. Enrico Costanzo has been mastering such expertise across a broad range of industries. 

Digital Transformation is the essential asset underpinning the creation of value through innovation in Companies and Institutions. Nowadays, digital transformation is shifting to AI (Artificial Intelligence), not in a dissimilar way as automation did in the ‘50 and ‘60 of the XX Century, at the dawn of electronic computers. 

From a technical and scientific perspective, Enrico Costanzo is currently playing in the fields of FoodTech & Cosmetics, Green Chemistry & Circular Economy. He also deals with Molecular Biology and Plant Genetics, the complex world of natural ingredients, the usages and valorization of carbon dioxide (CO2), and sustainability.

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