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Enrico Costanzo designs and manages R&D and Open Innovation strategies. He mastered innovation management across many industries: Biotechnology, Food Tech, Agriculture, Technical Gases, Transportation, and Space Technology.

Enrico has a PhD in Science from ENS Lyon & Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa. He then obtained an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs in Paris, after which he joined the innovation lab of Air liquide (i-Lab), one of the largest technical gas companies worldwide.

At Air liquide, Enrico developed new businesses related to food technology, digitalization, and technical gases, helping to spread innovation practices among different business units. 

Enrico is currently leading the Research & Innovation Department of Cereal Docks S.p.A. to advance the business from commodities to ingredients. He is also managing collaborations with several startups and developing digital transformation projects. Enrico is a board member of Grey Silo Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital of Cereal Docks Group.

  • Properly managing internal R&D, promoting partnerships with startups and research centers, and evaluating VC investments are essential enablers of innovation.

    Digital Transformation is the essential asset underpinning value creation through innovation in Companies and Institutions. Nowadays, digital transformation is shifting to AI (Artificial Intelligence), not in a different way as automation did in the ‘50 and ‘60 of the XX Century, at the dawn of electronic computers. 

    Here you’ll find insights on Innovation, Digital Transformation, Startups, Venture Capital, and Research & Development.  


Interview on corporate innovation (in Italian)

Ci fa molto piacere condividere, attraverso un’intervista ad Enrico Costanzo, Head of Innovation di Cereal Docks Group, la storia del Mantegna Accelerator, iniziativa di Cereal Docks creata per diffondere un mindset di #innovazione in azienda, e la collaborazione avvenuta con CDILabs per trovare le corrette metodologie e le migliori soluzioni tecnologiche ed innovative a supporto.
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